A Winter Wonderland Wedding – 6 Reasons to Say Yes to Cozy & Intimate

plan a winter wedding

Winter weddings are all the rage. They’re cozy, intimate, and often less expensive than their summer counterparts. In addition, they are a beautiful and romantic alternative to traditional summer weddings. 

The best times for a winter wedding are December, January, and February. Depending on whether you want to plan your wedding around holiday visitors or cozy up on a romantic and chilly January day is entirely personal preference.

Surprising Reasons to Plan a Winter Wedding

A winter wedding offers many benefits over its summer counterpart. Here are six advantages to a plan a winter wedding. 

1. Winter Wedding’s are Romantic & Cozy

Winter weddings often feel more intimate and personal and can be incredibly romantic and cozy. Candles and evergreens lining the aisle and decorating the tables give ambiance and create the ever-popular hygge feel. 

2. Combine with Holiday Travel to Make it Easier for Guests to Attend

The holiday season is the perfect time of year for family celebrations so that you can have your big event with all of your loved ones around. If you have family traveling to visit for the holidays, they can attend both your wedding and the holiday celebration. A winter wedding can be easier for local friends and family, too, because winter tends to be a little less busy than the summer months. 

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3. Fewer Activities During Winter Months Means More Guests

Less stress in the first couple of months of the year – fewer people vacationing, so more guests can attend. January and February aren’t popular vacation months for most, so more guests will hopefully be able to attend. 

4. A Winter Wedding Can Be Budget-Friendly for You

Better rates for venues & vendors in their off-season. If your budget is a little tight, ask about off-season rates and plan your wedding around those dates and rates. Often by simply being flexible with your date, you can save money while still planning the wedding of your dreams. 

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5. And, Budget-Friendly for Guests, Too

Less expensive for out-of-town guests to travel during the off-season. If you have guests traveling from out of town, it can save them money to travel at certain times of the year, often directly after the holidays. You can do some of the legwork for them by calling around to see when they can get the best deals on hotels, car rentals, etc.

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6. Let’s Face It – Snow is a Beautiful Backdrop

Snow makes everything beautiful. Take advantage of the ambiance by getting married outdoors. Place portable heaters under the seats and drape blankets over the backs of the chairs so your guests can stay cozy and warm during the ceremony. Faux furs are also a beautiful way to help guests stay warm while decorating the area beautifully. 

From the way your guests dress to how they feel about their surroundings, winter weddings can be a different experience than summer ones. So if you’re considering getting married this season and want some help with planning, reach out to our team of experts at The Inn at Virginia Tech. We’ll walk you through everything to help you plan the winter-wonderland wedding of your dreams. Connect with us here >>

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