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The Colors and Flavors of Fall are Abundant in Blacksburg, VA

It’s hard to say which is more glorious, the flavors or the colors of fall in Virginia. So don’t let this season pass you by without taking the time to allow it to wow your senses. 

Whether you have time for brunch, a weekend getaway, or a week basking in the glory of fall, we’ve got some pretty fantastic food recommendations for you to enjoy while you take in the scenery. 

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Exciting Food Trends to Explore in 2021

In 2020, the foodservice industry was handed a tricky challenge and that challenge has been overcome with nothing short of genius and innovation. 

Food trends in 2021 have taken a definitive direction with a heavy emphasis on creativity, technology, experience, and health. As a result, serving the public through food has never been more personalized and experiential.

Preston’s and the other venues at The Inn at Virginia Tech have joined the fun by pushing the boundaries of foodservice to cater to the challenges by keeping customers happy and healthy. 

We’re excited to explore some of the food trends we’re looking forward to in the coming year. 

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Healthy Foods are Trending and Making Travel Wellness Simpler

Travel is a time to escape life’s pressures and just let loose but it is not the time to completely disregard nutrition for several reasons. Healthy foods work with your body to help ward off sickness. Energy-giving fare will help you maneuver particularly fun-filled days. Consuming healthy grub while eating out or on the go can prove challenging but thankfully some new food trends can help you keep your health on track. 

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Dish Up Delicious: A Showcase of True Virginia Flavors


Have you ever walked into a room and the aroma immediately whisks you back in time, awakening a distant memory? Or a single bite of a familiar food transports you to cherished childhood moments? Food has a powerful ability to conjure up thoughts and feelings that may have otherwise been forgotten. 

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Summer is for Seafood, and Now You Can Enjoy Every Friday

Summer is for seafood. Though seafood is delicious year-round, there’s something extra satiating about the flavors of the sea during the balmy summer months. The team at Preston’s, the award-winning restaurant at The Inn at Virginia Tech, are major fans of enjoying seafood during the summer. As a result, Preston’s now offers a Summer Seafood Buffet with a full spread in its recently renovated buffet room. For the next few months, every single Friday gets to be a special occasion at The Inn, and you’re invited to join!

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See, Sip, Savor: Blacksburg, Virginia is for Wine Lovers

Come closer, we’re about to share one of Virginia’s best-kept secrets:

Our majestic mountains and rolling green hills aren’t just a haven for outdoor adventurers and rustic farms. You’ll also find a treasure trove of distinct wines harvested from family-owned vineyards.

In fact, there are only four states that boast more wineries than Virginia: Washington, Oregon, California, and New York.

This makes Virginia the #5 wine producing state in the country!