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Heartwarming Holiday Traditions at The Inn at Virginia Tech

holiday traditions - inn at virginia tech

The holiday season is a time for joy, laughter, and creating cherished memories with loved ones. At The Inn at Virginia Tech, our staff members hold dear a variety of holiday traditions that make this time of year even more special.

Let’s take a peek into their heartwarming traditions and discover what makes the holidays truly magical for them.

Get to Know the Team at The Inn at Virginia Tech

Bennett Anderson, Front Desk

  • Tradition: Decorating Christmas Cookies
  • Bennett’s tradition spans generations, as he visits his grandparents’ house every year to decorate Christmas cookies. This cherished activity has been a part of his life since childhood, and it continues to bring joy and connection to his family.

Whitney Ogle, Housekeeping

  • Tradition: Enjoying Mom’s Mac and Cheese and Desserts
  • Whitney’s holiday tradition revolves around the delicious comfort of her mom’s famous mac and cheese and delectable desserts. It’s a feast that warms both the heart and the stomach.

David Melvin, Chief Steward

  • Tradition: Leaving Cookies and Brownies for Santa
  • David’s joy comes from seeing the smiles on his grandkids’ faces on Christmas morning when they discover the cookies and brownies they left out for Santa Claus. It’s a tradition filled with magic and wonder.

Laurie Bond, Sr. Sales Manager

  • Tradition: Cozy Christmas Eve by the Fire
  • Laurie embraces the anticipation of Christmas by spending Christmas Eve by the fire, basking in the warmth and ambiance while listening to Christmas music. It’s a serene and delightful tradition.

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Kyra Keene, Front Office Manager

  • Tradition: Hot Chocolate and Christmas Light Scouting
  • Kyra’s favorite tradition involves sipping hot chocolate while driving around town, admiring the twinkling Christmas lights. It’s a wonderful way to soak in the festive spirit of the season.

Kenny Bagnasco, Front Desk

  • Tradition: Visiting Parents for Quality Time
  • Kenny treasures the tradition of visiting his parents during the holiday season. It’s a time to reconnect, share stories, and create lasting memories with loved ones.

Riley Zell, Sales/Conference Planning Intern

  • Tradition: Christmas Eve Hot Chocolate and Tree Star Placement
  • Riley’s tradition includes savoring hot chocolate with family on Christmas Eve and placing the star atop the Christmas tree—a symbolic moment filled with love and tradition.

Gracie Slusser, Planning Manager

  • Tradition: Early Christmas Tree Decoration
  • Gracie’s excitement for the holiday season leads her to put up her Christmas tree in October. It’s a unique tradition that extends the joy of the season.

Damon Strickland, General Manager

  • Tradition: Enjoying Baked Goods and Christmas Eve Gift
  • Damon revels in the holiday treats and baked goods that abound during this season. He also eagerly anticipates opening one special gift on Christmas Eve.

Hillary Simpson, Planning Manager

  • Tradition: Warm Holidays in Florida with Family
  • Hillary’s tradition involves escaping to the sunny shores of Florida to celebrate the holidays with family, trading snow for sand and cold for warmth.

Aissatou Samba, Housekeeping Manager

  • Tradition: Fireside Reading with Hot Chocolate
  • Aissatou’s ideal holiday moment is curling up by the fire with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate—a serene and comforting tradition.

Rob Korzen, Director of Food & Beverage

  • Tradition: Gingerbread Cookie Making
  • Rob finds joy in making gingerbread cookies during the holiday season, a tradition that fills the air with the sweet aroma of freshly baked treats.

Crystal Bingeham, Director of Human Resources

  • Tradition: Christmas Eve Pajama Presents
  • Crystal’s household has a delightful tradition where everyone gets to open one present on Christmas Eve, and it’s always a pair of cozy Christmas pajamas—a festive and heartwarming tradition.

Heather Hawley, Human Resource Generalist

  • Tradition: Marveling at Christmas Lights
  • Heather’s tradition involves visiting Draper Valley Golf Course to see a house decorated like the National Lampoon Christmas Vacation, a spectacle that promises to light up her holidays.

Teresa Hughes, Director of Sales

  • Tradition: Fashions for Evergreens at The Inn at Virginia Tech
  • Teresa’s favorite tradition is the enchanting Fashions for Evergreens event at The Inn at Virginia Tech, where she can appreciate the hotel’s breathtaking holiday decorations, making the season even more beautiful.

The Inn at Virginia Tech is more than just a place to stay; it’s a place where holiday traditions are celebrated, creating lasting memories and bringing joy to both guests and staff. These cherished traditions remind us that the true spirit of the season is about love, togetherness, and the simple joys that warm our hearts.

Whether it’s decorating cookies, sipping hot chocolate, or marveling at twinkling lights, may your holiday season be filled with the magic of traditions, just like those shared by our wonderful staff. Happy holidays!

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