Build Your Dream Team: Worthwhile Team Building Exercises in Blacksburg

Want to build an unstoppable dream team? It all starts with unity and clear goals. When your team is unified and working toward the same objective, your business has the potential to go farther than even you can imagine. 

Reuniting groups through team-building exercises is a great way to ignite your organization, especially after working virtually for so long. Team building will help them learn each other’s strengths and give you an idea of how to utilize each at their best.

Team Building Ideas Around Blacksburg

Here are a few ways you can lean into the strengths and talents to build a team that’s motivated, engaged, and – dare we say?- unstoppable.  


Sometimes just the act of getting outside is exactly what your team needs to redirect and energize. A change of scenery can do wonders for the mind, soul, and body. 

Hike like a Hokie

With the almost limitless number of trails in the area, hiking in Southwest Virginia is a fun small group activity. If you have an active crew, they might enjoy the challenge the most photographed spot on the Appalachian Trail, McAfee Knob. The Cascades is a popular waterfall hike among Virginia Tech students (and perhaps any Virginian!) or, for a rugged hike with stunning views, you may consider, Dragon’s Tooth Trail. Virginia’s mountainous landscape is a must-visit for hikers of all skill levels. Discover more popular hikes in this post.

Strengthen through Service

Pair up into small groups and find a few acts of kindness you can do in the area. From carrying out someone’s groceries at the local grocery store to joining the Blacksburg Trash Clean Up Days, to volunteering at a local charity, use your imagination and have everyone document their experiences. Plan a time and place to gather for drinks in the evening and talk about how each team served the community. 

Challenge the Course (and each other!)

Right on the VT campus is the venture course designed to challenge participants mentally and physically. You can also create a challenge tailored to your team and company using the great tips found here

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If the weather won’t cooperate or staying indoors is more your speed, we have plenty of insider tricks to keep your team engaged and inspired.

Enjoy an Interactive Cooking Lesson

Get outside your comfort zone and learning new cooking techniques and recipes! End the class with a challenge and reward the winners with a coupon for more lessons or a gift certificate to Preston’s

Wine Tasting

Loosen up while enjoying a sip with a colleague. You could turn the wine tasting into a food pairing competition or just give your team the evening to unwind and visit. Investing in relationships is key to building a cohesive unit. 

Personality Tests

From Enneagram to their Myers-Briggs, taking personality tests is all the rage. Have “like” results team up and discuss their personalities or break into departments and use the personality tests to help each other understand their strengths and weaknesses. This pairs well with the wine tasting activity. 


Think of this as a family game night only with your staff. Plan snacks and build anticipation long before the event, and earn bragging rights for after!

  • Mouse Trap Game – tape off a large square and fill the floor with lots of small items from softballs or pillows to books and cups. Spread out mouse traps among the things. Pair everyone up with a partner and have them on opposite sides of the square. The partner that is not blindfolded must use only their voice to direct the blindfolded partner across the landmine-littered floor. Once the first one makes it across, the other must do it. Make it more challenging by having more than one team going at a time.
  • Escape Room – The only way to escape is to work together. The stakes are high, but what your team learns about themselves and each other is priceless.
  • Mad Libs – Write your own or hire it done – relate it to the office, break into teams and have each group read theirs aloud to the rest of the staff.
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Pete Dye River Course of Virginia Tech | Facebook


Unleash your crew’s competitive spirit with games that maximize their diverse skills while helping them to grow as a team. 

Get Your Golf Game On

There’s nothing like a friendly competitive game to get everyone chatting and getting to know each other better. Golf is a great sport because it’s low impact, there is time to talk between holes, and no previous skill is needed. 

Watch the Big Game Together

You’re in Hokie Nation Now! Online, together in front of a big screen, or in-person, check out a Hokies game and enjoy the match. Cheer for the team, make some snacks and have a “best dressed” competition. 

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Build Your Own Team

Try out fantasy football, but for any sport! Create a league and set up your brackets. Choose colors, mascots, and allow swag around the office. May the best team win! 

Why wait? Start investing in your dream team now. If you need more ideas or help planning the perfect event for your staff, give us a call at The Inn at Virginia Tech.

Let’s put our heads together and plan an event where everyone wins! Contact Us Here

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