Business Health Check: Why It’s Time to Plan a Corporate Wellness Retreat

How would you feel if you were able to take a break from the day-to-day grind of your job and instead live in a serene environment that is designed for relaxation? Imagine spending time on activities like yoga, meditation, hiking, and more. This is what corporate wellness retreats are all about.

Corporate wellness retreats are the perfect opportunity for employees to get away from their work and casually spend time with their coworkers. These events range in length but usually last a few days. They can take place anywhere from hotels in the city to mountain lodges surrounded by nature.

Corporate wellness retreats are becoming more and more popular in the business world. Companies recognize that it’s not just about physical health but mental health as well. As a result, they’re starting to offer corporate wellness retreats where employees can go for a few days of relaxation and reflection on their work lives.

Planning a Corporate Wellness Retreat – What to Know, What to Do


Although there are numerous benefits to hosting a corporate wellness retreat, a couple of primary perks stand out. 

First, if your staff is healthy and happy, your business will maintain a competitive edge. Employees that are well cared for are typically more loyal and work harder. 

Also, a cohesive team just plain gets more done. If they work well together, they will be more creative and productive overall. 


To plan a successful getaway, you have to know your budget. Once you have a budget in mind, make sure it’s feasible and stick with it. 

Before you get too deep into your planning, make sure you know the needs of your team. You could even send out a survey and ask them what they would like to see or experience during the outing. 

Work with a planning team that has experience putting together corporate wellness retreats. The truth is if this is the first time you’ve done this before, there are many steps that could be overlooked and mistakes they can help you stay ahead of. They also already have creative ideas to offer your team the best retreat experience possible for your budget. 

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One of the most commonly asked questions when we are approached about hosting a retreat, is “What types of activities are most popular and most effective?” 

Here are some of our best activity ideas. 

  • Physical Health
    • Hiking is one of the most popular recommendations because it’s free. It is enjoyed by people of all health ranges and ages, and people can enjoy hiking at a pace that’s comfortable for them, visiting and enjoying the scenery along the way. 
    • Golf also includes a fair amount of walking, and it’s fun for all skill levels. If need be, break into groups based on their experience or just let the group play together. 
  • Mental Health
    • Yoga can be tailored to beginners or more advanced athletes and is excellent for physical wellness and overall mental health. 
    • Massages are also a great way to encourage individuals and help them relax. 
    • Encourage Random Acts of Kindness throughout the retreat. Give them a head’s up before the event to plan a few ways to encourage one another. 
  • Team Health
    • Hokie Game & Tailgate Party – Who’s got team spirit? We all do! Show your team spirit by hosting a tailgate party and attending a Hokie game together. 
    • Wine Tasting – Sip and savor the company you’re with at a wine tasting event. 
    • Teambuilding activities – Cooking classes, paint nights, and an escape room are just a few of the activities you can plan that would be memorable, as well as helping your team to work together cohesively. 
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First, you need to know your team and plan according to their needs and preferences. If most of your squad enjoys being outdoors, plan to spend plenty of time in the fresh air. If there is already a knitting group that meets at lunch, allow them to learn something new with a class or a video course. 

Be present and available yourself. This isn’t a time for the bosses to be aloof, but more of a time to be approachable and work as part of the team. Make sure upper management also participates in the activities and spends time with the staff. 

Build anticipation for the retreat by sending email teasers, talking about it at meetings, and getting input on the activities as they are being planned. 


As you’re starting the journey of planning a corporate retreat, you may be wondering how to choose the venue that will best serve your needs. First, ask if they have experience hosting the type of retreat you’re looking to put on. Second, do they offer the amenities you need like a professional kitchen, space for the activities you are planning, and ample on-site options for rest and refreshment for your team? Finally, do they have the tech to accommodate any meetings or gatherings you’re planning? 

A healthy team is a productive team. At The Inn at Virginia Tech, we practice what we preach. We take excellent care of our team so they can take the very best care of yours. Learn more >>

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