Changing the Way We Meet with Hybrid Meetings

Similar to most other previously “normal” happenings, the face of workplace meetings has had to change drastically. Physical distancing, changes in workplace requirements, and fluctuations in regulations have required businesses and employees to be flexible and creative to stay on track.

Hybrid Meetings – What They Are & How to Utilize Them

As the crisis continues, most businesses are looking to find some sort of normalcy not just to stay afloat but also to continue to move forward. Training and meetings need to continue to happen, although there are challenges.

Businesses have had to get creative, which has led to the popularity of the hybrid meeting. 


A hybrid meeting is a gathering that is both virtual and in-person, with an emphasis on ample physical distancing and personal space. Virtual members can be on-site in separate rooms or alternate locations, even meeting from a hotel room, their office, or home while staying connected with meeting planners and participants through technology. 

No longer is it acceptable to fill every chair in your boardroom for a day of conversation and brainstorming. Offsite meetings have changed, too, with a focus on hybridizing the overall experience. 

hybrid meetings | inn at virginia tech


One location with Physical Distancing – Put away the megaphone and settle down in front of a screen. You can host a physically distant meeting in one building with proper strategizing. Rather than booking a ballroom, reserve several meeting rooms or even a block of hotel rooms. With everyone in the same building, there is still the option for face-to-face contact while adhering to local mandates. 

Talk with your venue to go over your options. Be sure to ask about the wifi capabilities, A/V equipment, and available meeting options.  

Combined Locations – To host a meeting where the attendees can join in either locally or from remote locations may take a bit more forethought but with technological advances, it is entirely doable. Ensuring that the site has ample bandwidth and the A/V equipment to stream is imperative for the success of a remote or partially remote meeting. 

Have a backup plan – Anytime you host a meeting, you should have a well thought out backup plan, but with a hybrid meeting, that is even more important. With your attendees in separate spaces, it is much more challenging to communicate what to do for a last-minute change or a delay due to technical glitches. 

Make sure your entire group is aware of how to execute the backup plan just in case. This will help you stay on track if technology goes awry. 


Beefing up technology and training staff to manage all aspects of the hybrid meeting has allowed some meeting spaces to offer a safe and productive environment for your session. 

Long known for hosting productive meetings, The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center is well prepared to meet clients needs in a changing environment. We have developed new and relevant best practices surrounding health and safety at meetings. We have also increased our meeting rooms’ virtual capabilities using the same technology as the classrooms on Virginia Tech’s campus. This includes front- and rear-facing cameras, four ceiling microphones with 360-degree pickup and an AirMedia presentation system that gives any presenter the option to connect to the projector wireless from anywhere in the room. By doing this, we have exponentially increased our meeting options to serve our customers best. 

If you are considering a hybrid meeting, give us a call today. Our staff is trained and ready to make sure you have everything you need for a safe, productive, high-quality meeting. 

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