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Jump Into Football Season Like a Hokie

With the onset of football season, a powerful energy bursts into the air and is felt by all, especially at Virginia Tech. Every college football team has its timeless traditions, but few have as many and as rich of a fan culture as Virginia Tech. For those of you who are new to Hokie Nation, allow us to introduce you to it!

What to Know About Hokie Football

What is a Hokie?

I am. 

At least that’s what any Hokie will say if you ask them! Learn about the origins of the name “Hokie” and Virginia Tech’s famous HokieBird mascot here.

Do Hokie fans actually jump?

When a Hokies home game is about to begin, it may feel like an earthquake is underway. Don’t be alarmed; this is the result of thousands of passionate spectators jumping up and down. Virginia Tech football games have actually registered on the seismograph multiple times, and more frequently than any other college matchups! Hokie fans jump in excitement throughout the game, but especially at the beginning when the team hits the field to “Enter Sandman” by Metallica. When this song turns on, be sure to Start Jumping! The entire stadium erupts with this tradition that began in 2000 and has been deemed one of the best college football entrances.

Here are a few more insider tips into the world of Hokies football

Plan to tailgate

Tailgating in Hokie Nation is huge. So huge you’ll have to carefully plot out your pre-football party between a few hard-to-miss options.

Might we suggest:

  • Stopping by The Inn at Virginia Tech for our pregame gathering. For every Hokies home game, we party with live music and complimentary tailgate food. Plan on arriving about three hours before the game starts, and staying until an hour before kickoff … or anytime in between!
  • Hokie Village pregame festivities occur near the stadium and offer a fun, family-friendly atmosphere. There, fans enjoy music, food trucks, beer garden, tailgate games, and special appearances by Virginia Tech student-athletes including the Spirit Squads and the HokieBird.

Of course, traditional tailgating at your own parking spot is always a popular choice. Regardless of your tailgate experience, you’ll know it’s time to head to the game when the March to Victory starts. From Marching Virginians Center in Lot 5, the Marching Virginians joined by Skipper the cannon, the HokieBird, and Spirit Squads will start weaving through parking lots, pass by tailgating fans, and head into the stadium. The best part is, you can join them! 

The game is fun but the Corp of Cadets bring the charisma

Steeped in rich tradition, the Virginia Tech Corp of Cadets really liven up our football games. Armed with their own spirit team and complete with Skipper the cannon, the Corp is a staple at every single Virginia Tech game. From push ups to cannon blasts, every score is guaranteed to bring a round of action you’ll not soon forget.  

Learn more about Skipper the Cannon

How to Celebrate Like a Hokie.

For those of you who are students at Virginia Tech, Hokie families, alumni, future students, or fans, the best way to celebrate is by attending a game! There are plenty of games left to enjoy this season; you can check out the schedule right here.

Here at The Inn at Virginia Tech, we are full-on Hokie fanatics and would love to host you during a game weekend if you’re coming in from out of town. Be sure to try and book your stay well in advance as we’ve been a Hokie home since the beginning and tend to get booked up quickly for home games!

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