Tips for Planning a Highly Successful Business Meeting at The Inn at Virginia Tech

meetings at the inn at virginia tech

Business meetings are a great way to get all of your team members in one place, but these events can easily become tedious and dull. However, with the right planning, you’ll have an event that’s both efficient and engaging for any guest involved! 

Here at The Inn at Virginia Tech, we’ve seen our fair share of business meeting successes, and the not-so-successful, and we’re here to share some key tips for creating a successful event that will inspire all your attendees.

We know how important it is to keep things running smoothly behind the scenes as well as on stage. Here’s what to know.

How to Host a Successful Meeting at The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center

The format for running business meetings can vary depending on what type of event your organization is planning. We’ve hosted multi-day events with travelers coming from all over, regional events that include an overnight stay, and local day events. It all depends on the goals your company has.

A one-day meeting at The Inn would most likely not include an overnight stay, but an event with an overnight stay – say a few nights – might include a full day of meetings then a day or two of team-building activities. We’ve seen a few of our meeting guests turn their trip into a bleisure trip by inviting their family along to explore the area when they are not at their work event.

A regional meeting may include one overnight stay, and a one-day meeting, or a two-night stay but only one day of meetings. Regional conferences can also be weeklong events that include multiple days of meetings and training.

While a multi-day conference that brings in people from all over can include a full week of events, including one night for a welcome reception and two nights at the property. A conference can also extend over multiple locations and still include overnight stays at The Inn.

Some Tips to Help Plan for your Meeting at The Inn at Virginia Tech & Skelton Conference Center

  1. Make sure you have a clear goal for the meeting and are prepared to present it
  2. Create an agenda that includes all topics you want to cover, including timeframes
  3. Prepare your presentation in advance so you don’t waste time on logistics
  4. Be prepared with backup plans in case someone is unable to attend or there’s a scheduling conflict 
  5. Send out meeting invites 2-4 weeks before the event so people can prepare their schedules accordingly 
  6. Provide easy access to food and drink – there should be plenty of water, coffee, tea, fruit, and snacks available
  7. Allow time after the meeting to debrief with participants about what went well and ways to improve on future meetings

Some additional things to consider:

When planning a business meeting make sure you think about what information needs to be shared out beforehand so that everyone involved has everything they need before the meeting. It may be worth sending out the agenda you created to attendees beforehand so that people have plenty of time to review it before the main meeting begins. This is especially true when people will be traveling away from their usual bases or if you have morning sessions that occur on workdays so everyone knows when they need to arrive.

When it comes to scheduling a business meeting for a particular day, take into account what the weather usually looks like at that time of year. It is also worth checking beforehand how busy this time usually is in your organization’s region and possibly choosing a new date to avoid clashes with other events taking place nearby which may have an impact on attendance.

You can’t forget the food! From delicious hors d’oeuvres and extravagant dinners to sumptuous desserts, the award-winning chefs at The Inn can indulge every taste imaginable. Your attendees will be powered up and excited for their next session.

Why The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center?

meeting at the inn at virginia tech

Conference Planning

Experienced meeting professionals are on hand to assist with all your meeting needs. Our conference planning managers have an average of 14 years of experience and are dedicated to working with you on every detail of your meeting.

They will supervise the full range of facilities and services required to ensure that your meeting runs smoothly and successfully so you can relax and enjoy your program.

Specifically, your planner will help you with your guest and meeting room arrangements as well as audio/visual requirements.

The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center Technology Services include:

  • Computers loaded with Microsoft Office for your presentation needs
  • LCD projectors to make your presentation visible
  • Video conference capabilities
  • High quality audio with user friendly microphones
  • Enhanced internet connectivity
  • Conference technicians available for assistance on site

Our Meeting Facilities are Top Notch

  • 23,705 square feet of flexible meeting space
  • 8,832 square-foot Ballroom with 22-foot ceilings
  • 2,193 square feet of pre-function space
  • Outdoor function space is available for your event
  • 11 dedicated conference rooms 
  • Remote group registration available
  • Each venue offers state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment, including modem, fax, and T-1 connectivity

The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center offers IACC (International Association of Conference Centers) approved meeting and conference facilities to accommodate your meeting needs. This approval ensures that we have the perfect ingredients to make your next meeting a success. We redefine the meaning of a Blacksburg business meeting. Along with our beautifully appointed accommodations and is the only hotel located on the Virginia Tech campus, our conference center is perfect for meeting and social groups of up to 700. For more information contact group sales by calling 540-231-8000.

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