17 Types of Events We Love To Host At The Inn at Virginia Tech

events at the inn at virgina tech

What do birthday parties, weddings, and corporate meetings have in common? They are all events that require a venue. Sometimes you can host these events in your home, at the local library, or your corporate offices, but when you need something different, how do you choose the best venue? At The Inn at Virginia Tech, we have hosted just about every type of event imaginable.

Events Galore! Celebrating Special Occassions at The Inn at Virginia Tech

When choosing a venue for your special occasion, the four main things to consider are space, price, food, and staff expertise. Let’s talk about breaking this down and seeing what types of events you can hold at The Inn at Virginia Tech. 


Sure, you can host most birthday parties at home, but what if you need more space or a more centralized location for the guests? Then, it’s time to look into holding the event in an alternate space. 

One advantage of hosting a personal event in an alternate setting is that someone else can take care of the setup, cooking, and cleanup. Another perk is extra usable space for guests to mingle and relax. You can also invite more people to make your party have a much more significant impact. 

Imagine turning your party menu over to a chef and not having to cook a thing. Doesn’t that sound like a slice of heaven? That’s one of our specialties. Let us cook for, serve, and clean up after your guest so you can enjoy your special day. 

Here are a few examples of events that are well suited to our space and accommodations at The Inn at Virginia Tech. 

Golf trip – The Pete Dye River Course meanders along the New River for 2 ½ miles for a golf experience that’s as challenging as it is beautiful. You may enjoy: Getting to Know the Golf Pro at Pete Dye River Course.

Girl’s weekend – Book a room or two and prepare for a girl’s weekend getaway filled with fantastic food, local shopping, and tons of laughter.

Weddings – We specialize in making your special day perfect.

Bachelorette/Bachelor weekend – What happens at The Inn stays at The Inn. Reserve rooms on site so you can imbibe and enjoy your party safely.

Holiday celebrations – Let us take care of the decorations and the food!

Reunions – Spend time reflecting on the past while looking forward to the future.

Sporting events – Hard-core Hokie fan excited about the big game? Make a weekend of it! You may enjoy: Jump Into Football Season Like a Hokie

Summer outdoor adventure weekend – Goodbye boring summer, hello adventure!

Car club event – Bring your roadsters, coupes, and classics and show them off!

Birthday parties – Don’t cram everyone into your living room; a bigger venue means more space for people to celebrate. Besides, we do the dishes for you.

Anniversary events – Milestone anniversaries are a beautiful thing to celebrate. Honor the couple with a party they will never forget. 

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When you’re planning a corporate meeting, there are times your boardroom just won’t fit the bill. At The Inn at Virginia Tech, we have experience hosting a multitude of corporate events. Let us pamper, feed, and entertain your staff. We even provide all the tech you need for meetings. 

What types of corporate events do our staff have experience with? The list is long, but here are a few of the highlights. 

Sales meeting – Train your team to sell like pros! You may enjoy: Tips for Planning a Highly Successful Business Meeting at The Inn at Virginia Tech

Training meeting – Give them the tools they need for success.

Annual conference – Encourage and equip your staff for the year to come while showing your appreciation for the past year well done.

Board retreat – Wine and dine with your board members to show them how much you appreciate all of their hard work. You may enjoy: Business Health Check: Why It’s Time to Plan a Corporate Wellness Retreat

Product launch – A product launch is a big deal. Make sure your staff is equipped.

Retirement parties – What better way to honor long-term staff members than to celebrate them with a party? 

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As you can see, at The Inn at Virginia Tech, we can host a multitude of events. If you need to gather people together, we can help you make the party spectacular and memorable. Reach out to talk about your event today. 

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