Build Your Dream Team: Worthwhile Team Building Exercises in Blacksburg

Want to build an unstoppable dream team? It all starts with unity and clear goals. When your team is unified and working toward the same objective, your business has the potential to go farther than even you can imagine. 

Reuniting groups through team-building exercises is a great way to ignite your organization, especially after working virtually for so long. Team building will help them learn each other’s strengths and give you an idea of how to utilize each at their best.


6 Reasons to Plan Your Next Offsite Meeting Regionally

An off-site meeting that is hosted in your community or within driving distance is not only practical but can also be incredibly rewarding. Cut out the hassle of finding flights for everyone, try out a potentially less expensive and less stressful option; driving to the meeting.

Hosting your meeting in a more central location not only saves you money but also allows you to creatively add options that increase the return on your investment exponentially. 


Love Is in the Air in Blacksburg: Treat Your Special Someone to a Memorable Valentine’s Celebration

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching, have you made plans yet? Whether you’re in a new relationship, or have been together for a while, taking the time to create a special day for just the two of you can spark some fresh romance. 

While sending a card, buying flowers and chocolates, or simply planning a cozy evening at home for a Netflix marathon are certainly lovely gestures, why not step it up this year with an experience your significant other will not soon forget. 


Get Festive! Corporate Holiday Party Ideas Your Team Will Love

Your staff has worked hard this year being malleable and innovative. They have worked through changes and frustrations. Reward them with a fun end-of-year escape to recognize their hard work and to energize them for a successful 2021. 

Planning a holiday party that meets staff expectations and current mandates doesn’t have to be a challenge when you can infuse a bit of creativity and work with a venue to help make it happen.  

Like a Local, Meetings

[Press Release] The Inn at Virginia Tech: Hokie Stone and Hospitality Through the Decades

Long a favorite of faculty, alumni, and visitors as the place to host or attend conferences, seminars, short classes, workshops, sporting events, weddings, or even an overnight getaway, The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center celebrates 15 years of providing luxurious, state-of-the-art facilities in refined surroundings on Virginia Tech’s beautiful campus. 


Multigenerational Meetings: Four Ways to Engage Millennials to Boomers

Multigenerational meetings may seem to present challenges but in truth, they actually are an opportunity to find ways to help your team get beyond the age gap and find strengths in their differences. Differing styles and tastes can be overcome when everyone has their eye on the ultimate goal of the meeting. Creating a sense of camaraderie goes a long way towards uniting a team, helping them to see past their differences.

Here are four tangible steps you can take to help your next multigenerational meeting be a time of building bridges rather than widening the generation gap. 

Flavor of

Healthy Foods are Trending and Making Travel Wellness Simpler

Travel is a time to escape life’s pressures and just let loose but it is not the time to completely disregard nutrition for several reasons. Healthy foods work with your body to help ward off sickness. Energy-giving fare will help you maneuver particularly fun-filled days. Consuming healthy grub while eating out or on the go can prove challenging but thankfully some new food trends can help you keep your health on track. 


2020 Vision: The Hottest Meeting Trends for the Upcoming Year

Event meetings are a thriving trend with solid footing to continue upward growth. From teambuilding exercises, TED-style talks, to destination meetings, companies and organizations are striving to stay on-trend while zeroing in on the return on their investment. Sure, a cool business trip can temporarily satisfy a worker’s short term need for refreshment but similar to having dessert for dinner, if there is no “meat-on-the-bones”, their satisfaction will be short-lived.