5 Reasons to Embrace Bleisure Travel for Company Meetings

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When it comes to business travel, there are two main types: the meeting-focused trip and the leisure-focused trip. Most people think that you have to choose one or the other – but that’s not necessarily true. In recent years, a new type of travel has emerged: bleisure travel. Bleisure travel is when you mix a business meeting with some leisure time. This can be a great way to maximize the ROI of business trips!

This blog post will discuss five reasons to consider planning a destination company meeting around a bleisure trip for your team!

Bleisure Travel for Company Meetings? Yes! Here’s Why

1. It Will Motivate Your Employees 

The motivation of your employees is essential in the growth of your business. Staff travel may not always offer the necessary motivation as it can be physically and mentally burdening. However, a combination of business and leisure during a bleisure trip will likely produce happier employees, leading to a great return on investment. According to this report from Bridgestreet Hospitality, 78% of staff travelers admit that their work assignments became more effective when combining leisure activities that they enjoy with work.

2. Bleisure Trips Create a Positive Workplace Culture

Positive work culture is important for the growth of any company. Use group bleisure traveling opportunities to promote positive workplace culture, and it will increase ROI. You can do this by promoting and encouraging good communication, collaboration, and strong co-values among your employees. With this, there will be better workflow within your company, increasing your ROI. 

3. Makes Use of Compliant Travelers Incentives

Staff travel can be quite expensive. It can consume about one-third of a business travel and expense budget, causing your budget to suffer. The use of rewards and incentives schemes in the form of bleisure is a great strategy to reduce employee overspending and maximize your ROI. It helps you enjoy the benefits that come with staff travel without having to break your bank.

4. Increases Employee Retention

Changing employees all the time leads to disruption of services and losses. Giving your employees the option of tacking on a few days of leisure gives them something to look forward to at the end of their trip. Introducing bleisure trips into your program will help you retain your employees, cutting down on the cost needed to keep training new ones maximizing your ROI.

5. Cuts Business Travel Costs

Bleisure trips save you a lot of money that you would use on business trips. Typically, flying is most expensive on Fridays, Sundays, and Monday mornings since most workers travel. If your employees spend a few more days on their business trip and fly back at midweek, it may save your company some dollars.

bleisure travel inn at virginia tech

Your Bleisure Travel Destination Makes a Difference

By choosing a destination that can facilitate business meetings in addition to leisure activities, you open up a range of possibilities for your company. You can find destinations that offer great weather, are cost-effective and have excellent infrastructure to support both work and play. When looking for the right destination, it’s important to consider what is important to you and your employees.

So, should you embrace bleisure trips for your employees? The answer is definitely yes! Bleisure travel offers many benefits – from motivating your employees to cutting down on business travel costs. By incorporating bleisure into your staff travel program, you will see a great return on investment!

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