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From Disappointment To Delight: Five Ways To Help Your Family Thrive While Social Distancing

With a new normal to navigate, one thing we all have in common is that we’re learning to reconnect and maneuver together. Being in a college town and family-friendly destination, we see families reconnect in beautiful ways every day. But reconnecting during a trip or under normal circumstances is different from the social distancing and homebound reconnecting we’re currently adjusting to. 

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Fall Fun in and Around Blacksburg, Virginia

Autumn is a blissful time in Blacksburg, Virginia. The weather becomes the ideal temperature to explore and play outside without being too hot. Some of the seasonal highlights each year include football, foliage, and special event fun. Here’s a quick list to guide you toward some events and activities we recommend savoring this fall.

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Jump Into Football Season Like a Hokie

With the onset of football season, a powerful energy bursts into the air and is felt by all, especially at Virginia Tech. Every college football team has its timeless traditions, but few have as many and as rich of a fan culture as Virginia Tech. For those of you who are new to Hokie Nation, allow us to introduce you to it!

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Summer is for Seafood, and Now You Can Enjoy Every Friday

Summer is for seafood. Though seafood is delicious year-round, there’s something extra satiating about the flavors of the sea during the balmy summer months. The team at Preston’s, the award-winning restaurant at The Inn at Virginia Tech, are major fans of enjoying seafood during the summer. As a result, Preston’s now offers a Summer Seafood Buffet with a full spread in its recently renovated buffet room. For the next few months, every single Friday gets to be a special occasion at The Inn, and you’re invited to join!

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Hike Like a Hokie: 4 Top Trails in Southwest Virginia

Nestled in the heart of the Appalachian Mountains, the Inn at Virginia Tech is blessed with miles and miles of gorgeous trails and enthralling adventures within easy reach.

Cascading streams, beautiful forests, postcard-picture vistas, wildflowers, and waterfalls. This is what outdoor enthusiasts dream of. To find the must-try hikes near Blacksburg, we turned to the town’s biggest nature fans – Hokies!