Corporate Meeting Trends: What’s Hot in Event Planning in 2023

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The future of corporate meetings and events is changing rapidly, and 2023 will be no exception.

Technology, hybrid events, sustainability, and strategic planning are just a few of the trends that you should keep in mind when planning an effective event.

Sarah Lyon, our director of conference planning, recently shared some insights with Cory Falter on the InnSync Show about how to make the most of corporate meetings and events this year. 

Get the latest trends, plus we’ll share some tips and tricks for planning your perfect event, below.

Corporate Meeting Trends in 2023


Technology is making a huge impact on corporate meetings in 2023.

Virtual reality and artificial intelligence have become popular tools for delivering engaging content. They can be used to create interactive experiences, allowing attendees to take part in activities, presentations, and more.

Always trending for technology is when venues offer state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment, with high-quality computers, projectors, and enhanced internet connectivity. On-site conference technicians are a bonus!

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events continue to gain popularity in 2023, as they allow for a mix of virtual and physical components to enhance the attendee experience.

The combination of online and offline experiences creates a unique opportunity to engage with both local and global audiences – making it easier than ever to build relationships across borders.

Sarah says, “I’d say 75% of the things we’re booking have a teleconferencing element to them whether it’s somebody in a remote location that just needs to be a part of it or it’s actually a hybrid event.”

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

Sustainability and social responsibility have become key focuses in corporate meeting planning.

Companies of all sizes are looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint, from cutting back on event waste to using locally sourced food.

“Here at the hotel, we have water bottle fillers and use real coffee cups. Those two items alone make a tremendous impact on cutting down on waste.” Sarah goes on to say, “We are seeing more and more clients sending meeting materials digitally instead of printing them out, and a lot of people utilizing apps and QR codes for their programs. They’re really concerned with the footprint that the conference is going to leave and we work closely with them to ensure, together, we can make a difference in how impactful the conference is overall.”

In addition, many companies are focused on creating an inclusive environment that is accessible and welcoming to everyone – regardless of race, gender identity, sexual orientation, or disability status.

Now that we’ve covered some trends for 2023, let’s dive into some tips and tricks for planning your event.

Tips & Tricks for Planning Your 2023 Corporate Meetings

Start Early

A key tip to ensure that your event planning process runs smoothly is to start as early as possible. By beginning the planning process months in advance, you give yourself enough time to consider all aspects of the event and make any necessary changes.

Create a Plan

Having an organized plan for how things will be done helps to reduce confusion and miscommunication during the event planning process. Break down each responsibility into smaller tasks and create deadlines for each part of the project so everyone involved knows what needs to be done and when it needs to be completed.

INNsider Tip: There are many planning resources online, such as online templates and apps, that can help you develop a comprehensive plan for your event.

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Consider Your Budget

Budgeting is a key part of the event planning process.

Start by developing a realistic budget based on your needs and expectations. Remember to factor in all costs associated with the event, including staffing, food & beverage, audio-visual equipment, decorations, etc. Additionally, create contingency plans for unexpected expenses. It’s also important to stick to your budget once it’s been set so you don’t overspend during the planning process.

Oftentimes, venue managers can help you find creative ways to save money, so be sure to ask for their advice.

INNsider Tip: Off-peak days and times are typically cheaper for venues, so consider scheduling your event on a weekday or later in the evening to get the best value.

Research Venues

When researching venues, it’s important to start early and do your due diligence.

Research a wide variety of venues that fit your budget so you can make an informed decision when selecting one. Additionally, consider non-traditional spaces such as university campuses, parks or museums that can provide an interesting atmosphere for your event. Make sure to ask questions about the venue’s policies and restrictions and any additional fees or permits.

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Get Feedback

Before the big day, get feedback from everyone involved in the event. Having input from different perspectives will help ensure that all aspects of the event are taken into account, as well as help identify any potential problems before they arise.

Don’t Forget to Follow Up

After the event has taken place, remember to follow up. This includes thanking your sponsors and vendors, collecting feedback from attendees, and evaluating the event for future reference.

The future of corporate meetings and events looks bright in 2023! By keeping up with the latest trends in technology, hybrid events, and strategic planning, you can create an effective event that provides value for all stakeholders involved.

If you’re looking for a unique venue to host your next meeting or event, consider The Inn at Virginia Tech. Our flexible meeting space and professional staff are here to make your event one-of-a-kind. Reach out below.

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