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Unforgettable Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in Blacksburg

valentines day date ideas in blacksburg | inn at virginia tech

This time of year is the ideal time for couples to express their love and appreciation for one another. While traditional activities like dinner dates and flowers are always appreciated when looking for Valentine’s Day date ideas in Blacksburg, why not step outside the box this year and explore something more unique? 

Whether you’re looking to make the day extra special or just want to get out of the house, we have ideas everyone will enjoy … any time of the year.

Here are some unexpected date ideas in Blacksburg that are sure to make your day extra special.

Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in Blacksburg

Get Artsy 

valentines day date ideas in blacksburg | inn at virginia tech

Some may say creativity is the key to romance. While the jury is still out on that sentiment, there is certainly something exhilarating about bonding over shared artistic experiences. 

Visiting Local Art Galleries and Museums 

Take a tour of your local art galleries and museums in search of inspiration and beauty. Many museums offer discounted admission rates during the week, so plan your visit accordingly. 

This is an especially great option if you’re looking for something out of the ordinary that won’t break the bank. You can even take part in special events such as lectures or workshops at some galleries and museums. 

Some local favorites are:

Experiencing the Performing Arts 

If you’re feeling extra fancy, why not treat yourself (and your partner) to a night out at a performing arts venue? This could mean seeing a classic play or musical performance, experiencing cutting-edge theater, or checking out an up-and-coming standup comedian. 

These venues have wonderful performances this time of year. Check out:

INNsider Tip: THIS PERFORMANCE is a must see!

Getting Hands-on with Crafts

For those who want to get their hands dirty with creative projects, craft stores and art studios are ideal choices for an artsy Valentine’s Day date.

Some popular activities include pottery painting, candle making, soap making, jewelry making, and glass blowing – the possibilities are endless! Plus, these stores often have classes available so you can learn from experts while having fun together. 

Here are a few places to get crafty:

Outdoor Excursions in Blacksburg

valentines day date ideas in blacksburg | inn at virginia tech

The beauty of nature can help couples feel connected to the world around them. Being surrounded by nature has been linked to improved mental well-being and increased feelings of contentment in relationships. 

A study conducted by the American Institute of Stress found that spending time outdoors with your significant other can reduce stress levels and promote better communication skills.  

Blacksburg, Virginia, offers plenty of unique options for couples who want to do something special on Valentine’s Day! Whether you prefer a stroll through gardens or a leisurely walk along a creek-side trail, there are plenty of options that will make your day extra special. 

Let’s take a look at some of the best places to explore.

A Hiking Adventure 

Hiking is a great way to get out and explore the outdoors while getting some exercise in at the same time. One of the best hiking trails in Blacksburg can be found at Stroubles Creek Park

This beautiful park features miles of trails with breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains. It also offers multiple picnic areas so you and your partner can stop for lunch when you need a break from your hike. Not only is this park great for hiking, but it is also perfect for fishing, biking, kayaking, horseback riding, and more.

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Hahn Horticulture Garden 

If you and your significant other are fond of nature and enjoy being surrounded by beauty, then Hahn Horticulture Garden is the place for you. Located on the campus of Virginia Tech, this garden features over 20 acres of stunning landscaping, plants, and sculptures. 

This is an ideal place to spend quality time together while appreciating the natural beauty around you.

The Huckleberry Trail  

The Huckleberry Trail is one of the most popular trails in Blacksburg. At 4.5 miles long, it’s perfect for an afternoon stroll or a bike ride. 

The trail offers plenty of stunning views and is home to diverse wildlife like deer, foxes, and even wild turkeys! If you want to make a day out of it, there’s also a picnic area at the end of the trail where you can enjoy lunch. 

Blacksburg Rotary Mountain Biking Skills Park

The Blacksburg Rotary Mountain Biking Skills Park has something for everyone, no matter what experience level you’re at. Once you arrive at the park, you can choose from various trails ranging from beginner to expert levels. 

Each trail is filled with obstacles and challenges that will test your skills and keep you on your toes while enjoying some quality time together outdoors. There are also plenty of spots along the way where you can take a break to enjoy the scenic views or take photos together. 

Winter Camping Under the Stars 

Winter camping under the stars is an unexpected yet incredibly romantic activity that couples can enjoy this upcoming Valentine’s Day season.

Camping in the winter may sound like an odd idea at first but think of it as an opportunity to try something new with your other half. Couples can celebrate their love by taking a break from technology and reconnecting with nature in a peaceful environment.

All you need are some warm clothes, sturdy tents, and sleeping bags to make your trip truly memorable. 

The Blacksburg area has many camping options ranging from rustic primitive sites for those who just want to get away from it all; to fully equipped campgrounds with amenities like restrooms and showers so that you don’t have to rough it too much. 

No matter the camping experience you choose, there will be plenty of opportunities for bonding with your special someone while taking in all that nature has to offer.                   

Foodie Adventures 

valentines day date ideas in blacksburg | inn at virginia tech

Throughout history, sharing meals has been an important part of relationships. In many cultures, breaking bread symbolizes peace and hospitality. And even today, having a meal together is still seen as an intimate act that brings two people closer together. 

Sharing food also encourages conversation, allowing partners to form a deeper connection with each other by engaging in meaningful conversations while dining. 

“The act of sharing food is a sign of social intimacy” “Sharing food that has already had physical contact with someone else increases the romantic judgment from 74 percent to 90 percent.”  – Source

Dining in Blacksburg, VA

We have many delicious options here in Blacksburg, such as our very own Preston’s Restaurant.

Preston’s is offering a special Valentine’s menu from February 10th – 14th, 2023. Feast on a three-course meal, including your choice of a starter, entree, and dessert. Explore the menu here. (Reservations required).

INNSider Tip: Make it even more romantic by booking a hotel room for the evening and turning it into a mini getaway. Check out our packages here >> 

Cooking Together at Home 

Have you ever heard the saying, “baked with love?” A home-cooked meal is incredibly thoughtful. Creating a meal together is a romantic experience in and of itself. 

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, stores are stocked with special ingredients that can be used to create a themed menu. 

You can also find recipes that fit any dietary needs or preferences online. Spend some time picking out groceries and then head back home, where you can cook up some delicious dishes while spending quality time with each other in the comfort of your own kitchen. 

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to do something special – so don’t settle for the same old routine. There are many creative and unique ways for couples to spend quality time together on this special day. Whether it’s stargazing or indulging in a 5-star homemade meal, make this Valentine’s Day one that neither of you will forget; after all, it’s all about creating memories with your loved one that will last long after February 14th passes. 

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