Corporate Events: What We Learned in 2022 and What We’re Looking Forward To in 2023

corporate events in virginia

Hard to believe the year will soon come to a close, and we’ll quickly start anew. While the date on the calendar is only a symbolic measure of the passing of time, it does allow us to take a step back and reflect on what we’ve learned about hosting corporate meetings and events this year and to start setting our goals for the upcoming one.

This past year was a year of surprises and changes, but it also gave us some key insights into corporate events that we can use to make the coming year even better.

We hope that you find these tips helpful and that they help your next event be a success!

Corporate Events in Virginia: Lessons Learned in 2022

Embracing Hybrid Events

Hybrid events in 2022 were a common occurrence, as virtual and physical events were combined to create an engaging experience for both the in-person and remote attendees. Whether you choose to have your entire event virtually or just part of it, hybrid meetings are here to stay!

We offer state-of-the-art technology at The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center to bring your hybrid event to life!

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Making Flexibility a Priority

Due to Covid restrictions from the previous couple of years, many events had to be postponed or canceled, making it important to be flexible and understanding, which we saw a lot of in 2022. Companies now understand the importance of having a backup plan for their events in case of sudden changes or cancellations.

At The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center, we’re here to help you navigate the ever-changing regulations. We are committed to providing you with the resources and flexibility you need for a successful event.

Creating Engaging Experiences

While we have always strived to create engaging experiences here at The Inn, keeping attendees engaged was a challenge this past year, as people had to adjust to a different style of virtual meetings. To combat this challenge, companies took creative approaches to their events by introducing interactive elements such as polls, chats, and breakout rooms.

Here are a few things we’re looking forward to in the coming year.

corporate events in virginia

Looking Forward To 2023

Blended Experiences

We expect blended experiences to become increasingly popular in 2023 and beyond. This involves combining in-person with virtual elements, allowing attendees to simultaneously experience the real world and digital environments. Think augmented reality activities that complement an interactive keynote speech!

Personalized Events

With personalized events becoming more mainstream, we think it will be the next big trend for corporate events. This includes customizing your event to fit your attendees’ preferences, from selecting specific speakers to offering unique activities based on their interests.

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More Sustainability

We predict businesses and organizations will seek more environmentally-friendly solutions when planning their events in 2023. Look for companies that offer recycling initiatives or donate a portion of proceeds to charity and other green practices that can help reduce waste and support local communities.

Shorter Lead Times

As we saw in 2022, flexibility is here to stay. As such, corporate meeting planners can expect booking windows for preferred event venues to have shorter lead times.  This means that companies can plan an event as early as a month to six weeks out, rather than the typical 3-4 month lead time.

Virtual Technology 

Technology has come a long way since COVID, and we predict it will continue to evolve.  We anticipate virtual technology will become increasingly sophisticated, allowing for a more interactive and immersive experience.

At The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center, we always look for new and innovative ways to improve our virtual capabilities for corporate events.

We here at The Inn look forward to continuing to provide innovative and creative ways for our clients to make their corporate events even more special and memorable in 2023!

Contact us below to learn more about The Inn at Virginia Tech and Skelton Conference Center’s meeting space can help bring your corporate event in Virginia to life!

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