10 Ways to Enjoy Blacksburg, VA After Your Meeting or Conference

Primarily known as the home of Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia is so much more than just a college town. Rich in history, plentiful in the Arts, fruitful in agriculture, and abounding in adventure, there truly is something for everyone to enjoy. 

If you’re traveling to Blacksburg for a meeting or conference, plan plenty of time to wind down and process all that you have learned. Here are just a few ideas of things you don’t want to miss when visiting. 


2020 Vision: The Hottest Meeting Trends for the Upcoming Year

Event meetings are a thriving trend with solid footing to continue upward growth. From teambuilding exercises, TED-style talks, to destination meetings, companies and organizations are striving to stay on-trend while zeroing in on the return on their investment. Sure, a cool business trip can temporarily satisfy a worker’s short term need for refreshment but similar to having dessert for dinner, if there is no “meat-on-the-bones”, their satisfaction will be short-lived.


How to Squeeze Out the Most Value From Your Meeting Budget

Extracting the most value from a set meeting budget is an extraordinarily important task. Meetings and conferences are an organization’s chance to connect deeper, to inspire new ideas and projects, and to continue cultivating a powerful work culture. Suffice it say, wise meeting planners recognize the crucial task at hand and are open to new ideas on squeezing out more value.


Four Ways To Make Intimate Meetings Exciting + Unexpected

Communication, teamwork, and creativity are critical for the success of any given business, organization or department. One such way to foster all of these things is through meetings. For meetings to be as successful as possible, they must be engaging. It’s not always an easy task to hold the attention of others in this fast-paced attention-grabbing society, yet that is exactly what must be accomplished!


How to Engage Attendees Before and After The Event

Although the term ‘event engagement’ has become widespread in the industry, it still resonates as an essential component to your meeting’s success and its future. Our industry is flooded with engagement methods to leverage DURING the meeting. But, what about building excitement before the meeting even begins?

Or, continuing to keep your content top-of-mind long after the event is over?


Using Humor and Wit to Make Your Event Worth Attending

We’ve all experienced wanting to duck out of a conference session that seemed to never end. Or watched tiredly as a meeting speaker recited the bullet points from their PowerPoint presentation. Yawn!

No matter how compelling and valuable your event programming, modern attention spans are hard to keep. Avoid seeing eyes glaze over or the tell-tale blue glow from a cell phone. Strive to shake things up with every event.